Security and private policy

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


I. Administrator

The administrator of Users' personal data provided in connection with the use of the Services (hereinafter: "Personal Data") is the company Workmet Katarzyna Piszczałka, ul. Modrzewiowa 16/2 Harbutowice, 43-430 Skoczów, NIP: 5482550781, REGON: 241781717.


II. Rules for collecting Users' Personal Data

1. Browsing the content of the site does not require the User to provide Personal Data.

2. Use of the Website may require the User to provide Personal Data. In this case, failure to provide Personal Data may limit the use of the Website.


III. The scope of personal data and their processing

1. Within the scope of justified execution of orders and inquiries, the Administrator may ask the User to provide, in particular, the following Personal Data: name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address.

2. The Administrator processes Personal Data in order to perform orders in the store, in order to marketing their services and products and other legitimate purposes.


IV. The basis for processing Personal Data

1. Personal Data are processed on the basis of the consent expressed by the User and in cases where the law authorizes the Administrator to process personal data.

2. The User consents to the processing of his / her Personal Data by selecting the appropriate place in the form during the registration procedure, when placing orders or another procedure aimed at enabling the use of additional services. The user may withdraw the consent at any time.


V. Data related to browsing the content of the Website.

1. The Administrator collects information related to browsing the Website content by Users, such as number and source of visits, time of visit, content viewed, number and type of opened subpages, used referrals or computer IP number. The Administrator does not combine such information with the User's Personal Data and does not use it to identify the User, unless it is necessary for the proper provision of services or to perform the order in the Store.

2. The administrator uses cookie files or similar. These types of files allow the Administrator, in particular, to better adapt the Store to individual interests and preferences of the User. In most web browsers, you can delete cookie files from your computer's hard drive, block all sent cookies or set a warning before saving such a file to the disk. To learn more about such features, please refer to the user's guide or the help screen of the web browser.


VI. User Rights

1. The User has the right to access the content of Personal Data and to correct and update it.

2. In the event of a change in Personal Data, the User should ensure that the Personal Data are updated on the personalized profile on the Website.

3. The Administrator provides the User with the possibility of deleting his Personal Data from the Data Set at the request of the User, as well as in other cases, pursuant to the provisions of applicable law.

4. The Administrator may refuse to delete Personal Data if the User has not paid all amounts due to the Administrator or has violated the provisions of the Shop's regulations or any Services or applicable law, and the retention of Personal Data is necessary to clarify these circumstances and determine the User's liability.


VII. Contact

1. A User of a Party may at any time contact the Administrator in writing to obtain information on whether and how the Administrator uses or intends to use his Personal Data.

2. A User of a Party may also approach the Administrator by sending a written statement asking for the removal of his Personal Data in whole or in a specific part. Address at which you can contact the Administrator: is administered by: Workmet Katarzyna Piszczałka, ul. Modrzewiowa 16/2 Harbutowice, 43-430 Skoczów, NIP: 5482550781, REGON: 241781717., registered in the CEIDG register.



1. This manual defines the general principles of managing an IT system used to process personal data on the Website.

2. Personal Data Administrator acting simultaneously as the Information Security Administrator:

  • Specifies the strategy for securing IT systems;
  • Identifies and analyzes the risks and risks to which the processing of personal data in IT systems may be exposed;
  • Specifies the needs in the scope of securing IT systems in which personal data are processed
  • Monitors the operation of security measures implemented to protect personal data in IT systems and their processing

3. The Personal Data Administrator creates appropriate organizational and technical conditions guaranteeing the security of IT systems, in particular:

  • Proper management and protection of computer network cabling used to process personal data in IT systems in order to eliminate the risk of eavesdropping or destruction of network infrastructure;
  • Selects or migrates to technology that minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to the network;

Specifies the rules and records of performing service activities in IT systems in subordinate units in order to eliminate:

  • the possibility of making copies of your personal data by unauthorized persons,
  • moving computer devices and their parts used to process personal data outside the protected area
  • substitution of elements of computer hardware or software for another that contains hidden features

It monitors events affecting the security of the IT system, including

  • detected viruses, Trojan horses, etc.
  • illegal or installed software without authorization
  • IT system malfunction or its malfunction
  • stating the fact of using an IT system by an unauthorized person
  • power failure.

4. The Personal Data Administrator as the Information Security Administrator defines:

  • The method of allocation of passwords for users of the IT system and the frequency of their change, and an indication of the person responsible for these activities
  • The method of registering and unregistering users and indicating the person responsible for these activities
  • Procedures for starting and finishing work Methods and frequency of making emergency copies
  • Methods and frequency of checking information systems for computer viruses and the method of removing them
  • The manner and duration of storage of information media, including IT copies and printouts.

5. The Personal Data Controller supervises the IT system used to process personal data and is responsible for its ongoing operation, in particular for:

  • all activities related to its operation and modernization,
  • registering and unregistering users and designers and programmers during system installation and modifications,
  • assigning rights to individual system functions and determining the mode and frequency of changing passwords, procedures for making emergency copies,
  • determining their frequency, changing carriers and their proper storage, checking the correctness of the recording and liquidation,
  • location of computer equipment, setting of monitors and printers preventing unauthorized access to data or theft of removable storage media,
  • follow the instructions in the event of a breach of personal data protection.
Terms and conditions


This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for the collection, processing and use of personal data obtained from Users by the Website located on the website, which is owned by Workmet Katarzyna Piszczałka, ul. Modrzewiowa 16/2 Harbutowice, 43-430 Szkoczów, NIP 5482550781, REGON: 241781717

The administrator of Personal Data is the company Workmet Katarzyna Piszczałka. All personal data is collected with due diligence and properly protected against access by unauthorized persons, processed in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101 item 926 , as amended.) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204, as amended) and the Regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration of 29 April 2004. on the documentation of personal data processing as well as technical and organizational conditions which should be met by devices and IT systems used to process personal data (Journal of Laws No. 100, item 1024, as amended).

The User agrees to transfer his personal data to the entities cooperating with solely for the purpose of order fulfillment, in particular delivery of shipments by courier and postal operators, provision of services by trade and service partners, supply records, tax records, guarantees and complaints.

Personal data is not shared with other entities for marketing purposes.

Personal data will never be resold to third parties.

The Personal Data Administrator stores and processes the following Users' personal data:

first name and last name,
e-mail address,
contact phone number, in addition,
if necessary: company data (name, address, NIP number, REGON number) - if you wish to receive a VAT invoice.

Providing the above data is voluntary, but necessary for registration or effective purchase in our store.

If the User does not agree with the Privacy Policy, please do not purchase products and services offered by

Unannounced Messages - site reserves the right to send unannounced messages to people whose contact data it has and which agreed with the Privacy Policy. These messages will concern technical aspects of the Website (technical messages), changes in regulations or privacy policy. The messages will not contain commercial information.

The User may voluntarily give separate consent to receive commercial information by e-mail (newsletter), to the e-mail address indicated, about the products and services offered by the store. A message will be sent to each e-mail address asking for confirmation to add an e-mail address to the newsletter list.

The User may also at any time withdraw consent to receive commercial information by logging in to his account, on the website or by sending an e-mail with appropriate content to the address Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript..

Customers have the right to access their personal data at any time, the right to correct it, delete it and the right to request the cessation of personal data processing.

When using the store websites by the User, the server logs automatically collect anonymous data, eg IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, etc. (data collected automatically). The information contained in the server system logs is used especially for technical purposes and for purposes related to the administration of the Website, ensuring the security of the Website, implementation of the provisions of the Regulations, and protection of the law. In addition, this information is used to collect statistical or marketing information.

Data collected during correspondence (via the contact form, telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.) between the store and the customer will be used only to answer the questions or to carry out the order. uses "cookies" to ensure security, login, access to the Website, provision of services and content tailored to the individual needs and interests of Users and for statistical and marketing purposes. The "cookies" files contain information necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. "Cookies" files do not contain personal data. Disabling the acceptance of "cookies" in the web browser by the User may cause difficulties or prevent proper use of the Website.

The website uses Google Analytics, a service used to analyze website visits provided by Google. Google Analytics uses "cookies", which are text files placed on the user's computer in order to enable the website to analyze the way in which users use it. These data are used only for statistical analysis of traffic on the Website pages. The Google Analytics privacy policy can be found at: does not collect any data in an automatic way, except for the data contained in "cookie" files when using the store's website. "Cookies" used by may be temporary or permanent. Temporary "cookie" files are deleted when the browser is closed, while permanent "cookies" are also stored after the end of your use of the Website and are used to store information such as your password or login, which speeds up and facilitates the use of the Website. In any case, you can block the installation of "cookies" or delete permanent cookies, using the appropriate options of your web browser. In case of problems, we advise you to use the browser's help file or contact the browser manufacturer you use. Information about the customer or the person using the website will not be disclosed to any third party without the consent of the client. reserves the right to disclose selected information about the Client or other natural person only to entities authorized under the applicable law, and in the case of control of the General Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection, the Customer data may be made available to the employees of the Inspectorate in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Any changes to the Privacy Policy and "cookie" files will be published on this page, and we will inform you about significant changes in a more visible manner (for some services, including sending an e-mail notification informing about changes to the Privacy Policy).

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